Wednesday, November 25, 2009


i haven't wrote anything in 8 months. lets have a moment of silence to remember that.




Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Isn't it ironic????

Isnt it ironic that you never did realize when the best day of your life until it it already over? i mean, if you dont realize when it is, how could you make sure you totally used that single best moment which you got to the fullest and not regret anything else from it??? 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

World PEACE!!!! ;-p

Just feel like reminding anyone who is reading this that tolerance and love is the way to go. ;-p n no, im not a hippie. Peace! (smokes weed and sings Kumbaya at a bonfire)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


see this , really funny stuff!

Who's a Fat Cat,!!!!

makes you wanna say, WHO'S A FAT CAT!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

You know.............,

well guess you know you are cold when you feel that cold water which is 5 Celcius is warm.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

V-day aka Single Awareness Day (SAD) after a spoonful of sugar.

Well well, it seems that V-day has come along and (once again) GONE! and yes, i, Adam, has officially forgot that February 14 is actually V-day. Yeah i know. (i seriously need those funky machines which gives you like an update everytime somethin important is up........*thinks* wait, they already have those funky reminder programs for free in the net right???)

.................................................................. yyyyyyeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh...........

lols, in any case, as we all know, V-day is basically just a day for couples and those kinda lovey-dovey stuff (did i just used that word, LOVEY DOVEY, *UGH*). Which brings us to the question, what about the single people of the world?

YEAS i know you say that people dont need a date to enjoy V-day (who let you in Mr. Smartypants ), and that you could have fun with your friends and family (wait , Mr Smarty pants is STILL HERE? *shoots with a shotgun*), but Guess V-day just wont be the same if you celebrate it that way right???

So here i was, looking through the web (as i woke up early and was waititng for everyone) when i actually saw a few random blogs online, (seriously, random people) who was making fun of V-day. I didnt realise it was Valentine's cause of the time difference and all (yeah, you heard me, im blaming TIME itself for my ignorance). And they had apparently renamed V-day as Singles Awareness Day (SAD).

And i gotta say, there are lotsa angry, angry single's out there about this time of the year. Seriously i gotta warn some of you happy couples out there to watch it just for this few days cause seriously, they are PISSED that you are all happily together.

The amount of stuff they write about what they feel of V-day is seriously graphically explained through their blogs and frankly speaking, i got a good laugh out of it! ;-p
TOTALLY RECOMMENDED TO READ IF YOU GOT FREE's a taste in good old you tube format (this isnt a real one, but i find it hilarious)!

well thats all for now, i need my next spoon of sugar before i could continue ranting, till the next time we meet !!!!

p.s-and yeah, i celebrated my V-day with friends.